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For this pin set, we collaborated with one of the best artists in Bitcoin, MVDEX (@SPACEBULL)

Check out his work and get your hands on some of his artwork at

This set contains pins of five MVDEX designs, each in five different finishes. In each set is one of each design, but the version included of each is chosen at random.

The pins are:

  • MVDEX With Teeth Pin (1.5 Inch)
  • MVDEX Resistance Pin (1.25 Inch)
  • MVDEX Rune Pin (1 Inch)
  • MVDEX Atlas Shrugged Pin (1.25 Inch)
  • MVDEX Monetary Network Pin (1.5 Inch)

And they are each made in the following finishes:

  • Gold
  • Antique Copper
  • Antique Nickel
  • Antique Gold
  • Black Nickel

There are 25 total sets and there are five of each variation of each pin.

In addition, each set has a unique pin backer card depicting a piece of MVDEX’s original artwork. An extra card is included for your collection.

This set is packaged in a gold foil-embossed custom playing card box.

Once these sell out, Standard Editions of these pins, each in a different variation than these, will be available for sale.