Halving Party 2024 – April 27-28, 2024

Join us as we celebrate the Bitcoin Halving with a giant Bring Your Own Beefsteak + Bottle Share + Overnight Camp

Q: Where?
A: Lake Perris State Recreation Area (Info Link)

Q: When?
A: Saturday, April 27th All Day through Sunday, April 28th At Noon

Q: Cost?
A: Tickets are 30,000 sats per person to help cover reservation fees. Only Bitcoin over lightning accepted for payment.

Q: Tickets?
A: Get your ticket HERE. Please use a valid email so we can contact you with any important information, including the event Telegram chat (or DM me at the usual places for the link)

Q: Parking?
A: Our campsite comes with parking for 20 cars and are first come-first served, hard cap. See THIS PAGE for more parking info. The earlier you come Saturday, the better. Carpooling encouraged. We cannot reserve parking for anyone.
You have the option to reserve your own campsite that comes with parking for 1 car and can have to an additional 2 cars at $10/each. RESERVATIONS LINK

Q: Amenities?
A: The group site has bathrooms with showers, shade ramadas, picnic tables, and a kitchen area with counters, a sink, and a barbeque grill. There is also a large fire pit. There are no water or electricity hookups.

Q: Camping?
A: Tents only. No RVs. Site can accommodate 100 people.

Q: Cooking?
A: Any fire pit/grill we can burn wood in will be cooked on. If you can bring a BBQ or griddle, please do. Bring wood/charcoal good for cooking over. Please bring your own plates, utensils, grilling tools, etc.

Q: Beefsteak?
A: Bring some good meat. Cook it. Slice it. Share it. Bring some sides if you want. But we’re here to eat meat.

Q: Bottle Share?
A: Bring a bottle or 4-pack of one of your favorite beers. Share it. Liquor & wine are cool too.

Q: Spouses, Kids, Pets?
A: Sure! There will be drunk people saying bad words so decide accordingly.

Q: Stuff To Do?
A: It’s a campground, so no pew pew. Hang out, play some cornhole or something. The campsite is a 5 minute walk to the lake, so you can swim if you want.

Q: Weather?
A: Late April tends to be nice there. 70s probably.

Q: What To Bring?
A: We are providing the campsite and cooking areas. The rest is up to you. Bring all the food & drink you need. A tent. A chair. Firewood can be purchased there. A shade pop-up if you can.

Q: Bitcoiners?