Camping – March 12-13, 2022

This will be a kid-friendly trip. Bring your kids and fun stuff for them to do.

Shooting area will be separate from the camping area.

Location: Mojave Desert 35.0910089,-116.440763

42mi from Barstow, CA and 30mi from Baker, CA


From the I-15, exit Afton Rd

Head North off the exit, towards the abandoned “Ron Paul rEVOLution” mini market and turn left to go down Arrowhead Trail.

Continue down Arrowhead Trail until it ends and turns right onto a dirt road, which is Powerline Road. Look for a Liotta attached to the sign post where the asphalt road meets the dirt road.

Drive 2.4mi until there is a turn on your right, heading to the face of a small mountain on your right where the dry lake bed is. Look for Liotta sign at the turnout.

Recommend arriving during the day. Finding the campsite in the dark can be difficult.

Camp spot will be at the base of the mtn where it meets the dry lake bed.

4 Wheel Drive vehicles recommended. The gravel road is not reliably maintained. We have had issues with sedans getting stuck on the road before.

What you need to bring

Everything. This is not a campground. It’s open desert. Nothing is being provided for you.

Recommend you bring: something to sit on, something to sleep on, shade, food & drink, dishes, TP & shovel. Bring at least 1 bundle of firewood.

This is BLM land so OK to bring firearms for target shooting.

Closest restrooms are a 30min drive to Baker. Plan accordingly.

Tents aren’t really necessary unless you want privacy or a place to get out of the sun. There are hardly any flying insects and minimal wildlife. I typically forego the tent and sleep on a cot under the stars unless the weather calls for rain.

Weather this time of year is typically 80s during the day and 50s at night. Search “Baker, CA” on your weather app for forecasts.

What will be there

A fire pit w/ cooking grate (maybe 2 if more people go)

Some pop-ups for shade. Bring one too, if you can.

Designated shooting area

Limited internet service. Depending on your phone/carrier, you will probably get cell service. It’s not far from the towers along the 15.